Group Delay Dispersion

MLD has developed a comprehensive capability to design, manufacture and measure Ultrafast Optics. We have longstanding design experience managing Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) in all types of coatings, including mirrors, polarizers and beamsplitters.* We collaborate with customers to understand their GDD specifications in the context of compensating the whole optical system.

OEM manufacturers come to us when they want demanding dispersion-control coatings. They know we have the technical depth and the track record to move smoothly from prototypes to economical, high performance, high volume production.

MLD has substantial experience measuring GDD at wavelengths between 940 and 1090 nm. Historically it has been difficult to perform accurate, high resolution metrology in this wavelength region. MLD has built a custom white light interferometer system that enables us to reliably and precisely measure what we make. GDD values obtained with our system have an uncertainty as low as ± 10 fs2, and a wavelength resolution of 0.5 nm. Precision calibration against other state-of-the-art commercial and institutional measurement systems further ensures that customers can count on our measurement data.