MLD Leadership

Gary DeBell, Founder and Managing Member
AB Physics, UC Berkeley; Ph.D. Optics, University of Rochester, Institute of Optics; Fellow of the Optical Society of America; Fellow of SPIE. Over 40 years experience in the design and production of thin-film optics, optical components and optical instruments, including engineering and management positions at Spectra-Physics, were he became President of Spectra-Physics Optics Corporation. In 1991 he became an independent consultant in optical thin-film engineering and thin-film design software as the principal in DeBell Design. Gary has three patented inventions in the field of Laser Optics and more than two dozen technical publications and presentations in the field of Optical Thin Films.

Tony Louderback, Founder
BS Physics, Long Beach State College. Over 45 years experience in the design and production of optical thin-films, including process engineering positions at Heron Optical, Infrared Industries, and Litton Systems. At Litton, he was the co-inventor and developer of their patented Ion Beam Sputtering process. In 1981 Tony founded Ojai Research, which became a major supplier of low loss mirrors to the Laser Gyro Industry. In 1997 Ojai’s assets an intellectual property were acquired by MLD Technologies. Tony has patented inventions in the fields of Ion Beam Sputtering, Multi-Layer Antireflection Coatings, UV Resistant Coatings and Optical Instruments.

Len Mott, Founder and Managing Member
BS Physics, Hobart College; MBA and MS Optical Sciences, University of Arizona. Over 40 years experience in the manufacture of optical thin-film components, including engineering and management positions at Perkin-Elmer, Spectra-Physics and Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc. At Spectra-Physics Optics corporation he became Vice President, and at Optical Coating Laboratory, he was manager of High Volume Operations. Len has a patented invention in the field of wear-resistant optical coatings.