Custom Products & Services


We typically design coatings before we provide quotations; we can help customers refine specifications and minimize technical risk. We understand how coated optical elements contribute to system performance. Our engineers use the most advanced design tools available to create coatings for applications ranging from the deep-UV to the mid-IR. We can provide theoretical performance data to assist customers with system analysis. Our practical designs ensure the manufacturability of your optical components.


MLD has the technical depth to help customers develop innovative prototypes, as well as the capacity and structure to supply production quantities of finished components. We can provide high-quality substrates or coat customer furnished optics. Our meticulous attention to detail and unique experience with IBS coatings put us in a position to deliver superior optical components. MLD engineers can adapt our technology to meet new manufacturing challenges by altering coating processes, modifying production equipment, and tailoring material properties. Eleven IBS coating chambers with specialized geometries, including two of the largest IBS chambers in the industry, allow us to accommodate a wide variety of coating requirements and substrate configurations.


Extensive instrumentation and optical metrology enable us to control our processes and provide reliable data to our customers. We have multiple spectrophotometers to characterize coating properties from the short UV to the far IR, as well as laser-based photometers to measure reflectance and transmittance at critical wavelengths. We can measure total optical loss and absorption on coated components and bulk substrates. Surface figure can be characterized before and after coating using visible and near-infrared phase shifting interferometers with measurement apertures up to 12″. Our surface inspections are thorough and well-documented.